HOTSPRING Solar Water Heaters

in both Domestic & Non-Domestic Segment



“MSIL has been engaged in the export of Sandal Wood Oil, Soaps ,Spices and other items over a period of time. Now with the business prospects of export of Iron Ore from India to China MSIL is involved in the export of the same. Consequently 41000 MTs of Calibrated Iron Ore valued at Rs.1085.68 lakhs was exported to China. MSIL has plans to continue the export of Iron Ore. For the purchase of Iron Ore fines and Calibrated forms the company will be tying up with suppliers from Karnataka.

  • Over the years, MSIL has successfully exported sandalwood oil, soaps, spices, coffee, rice, garments and many other commodities.
  • MSIL exported 41,000 MTs of calibrated iron ore worth
  • US$2.48 million to China.
  • In view of the difficulties and other market players being there, it is not being pursued seriously.
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