Increased health awareness among public has resulted in huge growth of Packaged Drinking Water industry over the years, Surge in tourism industry has also contributed largely to the growth of packaged drinking water industry. The total market in India is estimated to be about 10000 Crore which is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come.

The top players in the market are BISLERI, Coca-Cola’s KINLEY and PepsiCo’s AQUAFINA, These top three players account for about 50% of the market share, The estimated industry in Karnataka – 1000 Crore roughly. Bangalore Urban, Rural and Mysore districts contribute to about 30% (Rs. 300 Crore) of the total market in Karnataka

Roughly about  6 lakh liters (45000 cases) of packaged drinking water is being consumed everyday in Bangalore city      alone

  • In an effort to diversify its activities, MSIL launched packaged drinking water under the brand name ‘Class 1’ during June 2016
  • The price of the product  is finalized to counter competition from major established players by maintaining the same quality.
  • The manufacturing unit is located 20 kms away from Mysore which is a Cauvery river basin
  • The plant is fully automatic from start to end with no manual intervention which ensures purity of water
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