Led Lights

Eco- Friendly Lights as Led lighting does not produce any ultraviolet (UV) light. Ultraviolet rays are harmful for skin and eyes. They are made from non-toxic materials and can be recycled

LED Lights give high illumination, and are durable & energy efficient as they use 90% less energy than regular lights.

More safer than Bulbs as they stay cool and pose less of a fire hazard unlike Halogen and incandescent lights which are hot enough to cause fire, and they frequently do.

There is no waiting for led light bulbs to warm up, led bulbs are not affected by frequent on-off switching. It lights up instantly at full brightness, even in the coldest weather.

LEDs are sturdy bulbs as Durable plastic bulbs are less likely to break than traditional glass bulbs.

Now lets see, How it saves Money?

Mainly two reasons why LED bulbs save money:

  • The first reason is because they use less energy. It is this reason that accounts for most of the cost savings of LED lighting.
  • The second reason is a result that follows from the fact that the LED bulbs last longer. Due to the longer life of LED lights the frequency of replacements is much lower. This saves on new fixture purchases and costly maintenance.
  • When comparing cost, both energy savings and replacement savings should be taken into account.
  • LED Lights are also cost effective as although LEDs are expensive, the cost is recouped over time and in battery savings. Most consumers do not recognize the lower cost due to the comparatively high purchase price of LED bulbs.. However, the lower energy use and longer life of the LED bulbs must be considered to get a fair comparison.

To understand better, we can study 10 years comparison chart showing number of replacements against different light sources.

LED Lighting 50,000 hrs ( 10 years) Buy Once
Fluorescent / CFLs 6- 8,000 hrs( 1 year) Buy 8-10 Times
Incandescent 1000 hrs (Less than 6 months) Buy 20 Times
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